Updated: Aug 21, 2018

Well Mom's and Dad's, we have survived our first week of school. I pray that all went well on the first day and throughout the week of the school year. This is just the beginning! My daughter has hit the milestone of being teenager, and I was scared out of my mind. I was ready to walk my daughter to the front door and she stopped me dead in my tracks. "No mom! That's embarrassing, I can do this my myself!" This has been since the six grade so I am used to it. However, with all that we are dealing with in the world, I was compelled to hold her hand and let her know "I am here with you all the way!"

Keeping The Kids Safe!

If your child or children have cell phones, stay up to date on all the latest chat apps so that you know what they are up to and what they are doing. You want to monitor who they are chatting with and what they are chatting about. Ask your local phone providers which apps are good for parent monitoring. Not all providers have the same apps or monitoring programs.


ALWAYS talk to your kids!

  • Ask them about their day.

  • Talk to them about bullying.

  • Ask them about their schoolwork and their homework.

  • Check their backpacks and bags.



Back to School tips for parents who are juggling work kids and family life!

  1. Stick to a routine

  2. Get organized

  3. Get Help if you are a single parent

  4. Talk to your Boss about your schedule of you need

  5. Keep a to do list

  6. Make sure you and the family follow a daily schedule (homework,dinner,bedtime,ect...)

  7. Have a family time (no cell phones, no TV, no iPads, etc...)

  8. Pray together

  9. Take a self break

  10. Try to get some good sleep

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