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Author, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Mother and Survivalist, Dahlia E. McCutchen was born in south Philadelphia, PA., She is the former CEO/Editor of her own entertainment blog which she had for over 12 years, Drama Scene Magazine and Drama Scene Live Radio. McCutchen now lives life on her own terms as the proud mother of two beautiful children who motivate her to make a positive change in the world.

Dahlia struggled with low self-esteem, starting at a very early age and it continued into her adult years. She recalls being so unhappy with her family…her friends…her life, but masked it living in the world of entertainment, power and money. This dissatisfaction with her life led to living a life that set her apart from many, as money became the root of all things evil. No one ever knew she was struggling internally, as she found a way to mask the hurt and the pain by living through her alter ego.

After all Dahlia has been through in her life, being a domestic violence survivor, walking away from an industry that had sucked her in and nearly being murdered on several occasions, she found the one being to help her overcome the things that had weighed her down for years. GOD. She’s dedicated her life to Christ and is on a mission to save lives in the hope that they won’t follow the path she had chosen in her earlier years! With her newfound love for writing combined with her passion to help other women she is finding her purpose. Using life’s lessons and experiences she is using her voice to help many.

Dahlia McCutchen, a survivor of many attacks, once an insecure single mother struggling to find her way, struggling to find her purpose…has found her confidence in Christ, and is currently living out her dreams as a mother of two, an author, and a friend to many!

Dahlia currently resides in Houston, TX., with her two children where she is completing her bachelor’s in Behavior Analysis (child & adolescent psychology), she is an entrepreneur running her own company, and is currently writing books in her spare time. Her mission and goals are to change lives, both the young and the young at heart around this world with her Testimony of Survival and Redemption!